Satan’s Cheerleaders, The Villenettes, Misfits of Sythia

Satan’s Cheerleaders showed of their awesome songs and awesome rock faces at The Grace Emily Hotel on Saturday 16th May 2015. Joining them were The Villenettes (beware of autoplaying video!), who were playing their last show before a few months break for writing and recording, and Misfits of Sythia performing their arty/fusiony/rocky tracks.

Satan's Cheerleaders

The VillenettesMisfits of Sythia Satan’s Cheerleaders played The Grace Emily Hotel on 16/5/2015 with The Villenettes and Misfits of Sythia.

Athletic Teenage Joggers, Kitchen Witch, Friday’s Fox

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Grace Emily the other night, we can’t believe how many beautiful faces we saw, both good old friends and strangers!

Here’s a few pics of the stars of the show, Athletic Teenage Joggers, who tell us you can now purchase their album Hello Demons on BandCamp.

Athletic Teenage Joggers

Athletic Teenage JoggersAthletic Teenage JoggersAthletic Teenage Joggers Athletic Teenage Joggers launched their EP “Hello Demons” at the Grace Emily Hotel, with Kitchen Witch and Friday’s Fox on Saturday 28/2/2015.

Friday's Fox / Fridays Fox / FridaysFox Athletic Teenage Joggers Poster

Athletic Teenage Joggers EP Launch

Saturday 28th February
The Grace Emily Hotel
Athletic Teenage Joggers EP Launch
Kitchen Witch
Friday’s Fox

At the end of this month we will be helping our friends Athletic Teenage Joggers launch their debut EP entitled Hello Demons. This is currently getting some pre-launch airplay on Three D Radio, but if you haven’t managed to hear any of it yet then let us assure you it has been worth the wait.

Also accompanying us will be Kitchen Witch, who are currently recovering from their massive show supporting Tex Perkins’ The Ape last Saturday night.

If that’s not enough, this will also be the first public show with our new keyboard player!

This is a free entry gig, so you can spend the money on buying the CD, right?

Friday's Fox / Fridays Fox / FridaysFox Athletic Teenage Joggers Poster

Welcome to Electric Alan on Keys

Keyboard keys

Has it seemed quiet lately? We can assure you there has been a distinct lack of quiet in our rehearsal space as we’ve been busy jamming with a(nother?) very talented musician. Yes, the rumours you probably haven’t heard are true — Friday’s Fox is now a five-piece. So, it is with great pleasure that we can announce the addition of Electric Alan to our foxy family!

The keyboard is Alan’s weapon of choice, and we can’t wait to show you all the funky funkyness he brings to the table. Perhaps we will even announce our next gig soon…

Welcome, brother fox!