Athletic Teenage Joggers, Confident Asian Businesswoman, Thomas Kalleske

A couple of photos from the show the other day at The Grace Emily Hotel. Athletic Teenage Joggers performed an acoustic set with support from Confident Asian Businesswoman and a solo acoustic set from Thomas Kalleske.

Rumour has it that the Joggers will finally be releasing an album in the not–too–distant future. More rumours suggest that further rumours are also in the pipeline. We will report what we know soon!

We did snap a couple of photos of Confident Asian Businesswoman, but in the interests of public decency we will keep them to ourselves. Do not confuse this band with the stock photograph collection of the same name!

Athletic Teenage Joggers

Athletic Teenage Joggers at the Grace Emily Hotel, Thursday 23/10/2014

Thomas Kalleske

Thomas Kalleske at the Grace Emily Hotel, Thursday 23/10/2014

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